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Twin Peaks

About Twin Peaks

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What people say

"Ascend to the breathtaking heights of Twin Peaks, where panoramic views of the city and bay unfold in an awe-inspiring spectacle. Perched at over 900 feet above sea level, this iconic summit offers an unobstructed vantage point that captures the sprawling cityscape, the glistening waters of the bay, and the distant horizons that stretch beyond. As you gaze upon San Francisco's urban landscape and natural beauty, you'll witness the unique fusion of architectural marvels, rolling hills, and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Whether you visit at sunrise to witness the city awakening or at sunset to see it bathed in a warm glow, Twin Peaks provides an unforgettable vista that encapsulates the essence of San Francisco's breathtaking charm."
"The Twin Peaks are a pair of 922-foot buildings . The easiest way to get to these landmarks from downtown is taking Market southwest until it turns into Portola and then from here, taking a right on Twin Peaks Boulevard and following it to the end. If a car is not an option, you can also take public transportation or a tour bus, or do a bike rental/ hike."
"From here you have a great overview from San Francisco, you can even see the Golden Gate bridge on a clear day. Make sure to stop first and climb on one hill for the view (and breakfast) but also drive all the way around it where the bathrooms are for another great view. "

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