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Museum Vrolik

About Museum Vrolik

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What people say

"One of the most unusual and thought-provoking museums I have personally ever visited, Museum Vrolik showcases a vast collection of over 2000 historical and medical specimens. Housed within Amsterdam’s Academic Medical Centre, it is certainly located off the beaten track and from Central Amsterdam it takes around 30 minutes to get there via metro. If you are fascinated by the human or animal anatomy, macabre oddities or dark tourism then this is one place that has to be on your list. Upon entering you are greeted by an extensive exhibition of rare skeletons, organs, body parts and medical obscurities, which have been carefully organised into different categories, within row upon row of glass cabinets. The museum originated from the private collection of Gerardus Vrolik and his son Willem Vrolik who both were professors of anatomy and specialised in congenital abnormalities. Together they accumulated a collection of thousands of specimens of great scientific value, which was then sold on to the city of Amsterdam in 1869, to eventually be displayed at the university. Walking around the museum feels like you are in one giant curiosity cabinet with many physical defects displayed in the form of human and animal remains. Please beware, as some people may find certain pieces on display disturbing and if so, I would recommend carefully selecting which areas you want to view. With items dating back to the 16th century there is so much to see here and if you really want to dive into the detail then they offer guided tours so you can learn the history and story behind the exhibits. I seemed to gravitate mostly towards the skeletal remains located in one long wooden cabinet across the back of the room and was also fascinated by the animal exhibits, where you can really appreciate the incredible wonder of nature. Tip: The museum is only open from Monday – Friday and there is a small fee upon entry (no booking in advance required). "

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