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Bambu Indah Resort

About Bambu Indah Resort

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What people say

"Bambu Indah is a boutique hotel in Ubud and prides itself on combining the best of antique architecture and design, innovative bamboo architecture with modern and sustainable practices in a luxury environment. Bambu indah believes that its land should be responsibly cultivated to produce nutritious food. Dapoer promises a one-of-a-kind Indonesian dining experience true to the roots of the archipelago, in an inspired, innovative environment that offers an authentic relationship with nature. The garden produce is enjoyed by both its customers and staff. While most pools require large amounts of concrete and chemicals, they’ve built a sustainable pool without either. Instead, they use lava stones and a vegetation regeneration zone, which naturally cleanses, filters and oxygenates the water and nurtures beneficial bacteria. In an effort to minimize plastic wastage, bambu indah does not serve commercially bottled mineral water. The hotel features a hospital standard triple filter water system, which makes its water safe to drink straight from the tap."
"Situated in the lush jungle of Ubud, this is another eco-luxury retreat that combines stunning bamboo architecture with sustainable living. The unique houses blend Javanese charm with modern comforts and apart from unwinding in this beautiful place you can also partake in yoga classes and go on nature adventures. Luxury and nature are perfectly combined here."

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