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SKOOL Kitchen

About SKOOL Kitchen

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What people say

"NOTICE: This restaurant will hurt your wallet but please your belly - you have been warned. Skool was opened by the talented Chef Val. Honest food, amazing product quality, and attention to cooking methods often makes a great restaurant. On top of that, the place is sleek with an amazing view of the sea. In terms of food, go big or go home; start with the yakitori chicken skin, fireplace pumpkin, and ash-baked beetroot — all must-tries. Then follow with half organic chicken and the roasted lamb shoulder that melts in your mouth. They also have Wagyu and amazing cuts of red meats, but I prefer to go to Don Fernando if I want meat. For side dishes, you must take the slow-roasted eggplant. Sweet treats should be a glass of McAllan 18 years before going down to join the party at The Lawn."
"Sitting at the heart of Canggu’s Batu Bolong beach, we welcome you with a curated modern culinary experience set between a line of fire and the Indian Ocean. An intimate space designed to gather and share our passion for good times, food, drinks, and culture. Bookings recommended. "
"Ideal for those looking to dine with stunning views of the ocean"

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