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Marmore Falls

About Marmore Falls

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What people say

"The last stop of our small tour is only an hour away from Spello. You definitely want to include this in your trip to Umbria as it is hands down one of the most interesting and most stunning places to visit. Something like nothing else. WHERE TO PARK: There are two entrances to the park, one at the top of the waterfall and one at the bottom. At either one of them, there is a huge parking space available (it is not for free). You can buy the ticket to the park + parking spot at the website I will share at the bottom of this page. WHAT TO DO: I recommend starting the journey at the bottom of the waterfall. Get the ticket at the corner of the parking spot and start your journey from there. Once you enter, there is a small pub/bar where you can get something to eat / drink (usually panini, pizza, gelato..) but prices are slightly higher than usual. There are a few different tracks you can follow to visit the 3 main steps of the waterfall, I recommend doing all of them as it will not take long and you will make sure to visit all parts and get some great shots. Once you reach the top, make sure to stop and wait for the next gate opening and water flushing which happens at precise timings."
"Marmore Falls is located just outside the city of Terni in Umbria and is the worlds largest man-made waterfall. Built by the Romans in 271 BC this engineering marvel is still functional today and large water releases still take place twice a day to the delight of tourists. The park features extensive walking trails, lookout points, and lush biodiversity making it a great outdoor activity. Guided tours are available. Tickets can be purchased online or in person. "
"The "Cascate delle marmore" is a majestic water spectacle located near Terni, where the Velino River plunges from a height of 165 meters, creating a really unique water display. The waterfalls are easily accessible from many Umbrian cities, Thouth keep an eye on the opening hours as they may vary seasonally. You can find the website here: "

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