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Wolmi Theme Park

About Wolmi Theme Park

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What people say

"Looking for thrilling rides or a great view of the sea? Visit the amusement park complex on Wolmido Island. The park has various rides, such as the 70-meter-high Hyper Shoot Drop, Tagada Disco, a two-story Viking Ship, a 115-meter-high Ferris Wheel, and other thrilling attractions. The theme park has made appearances in several variety shows like "We Got Married," "Two Days and One Night," "Running Man," and more. Also, it houses a large indoor children’s playground that includes water activity facilities such as mini flume ride, water boats, and water ball playing, as well as a 4D room. All these features make the complex perfect for visitors of all ages."
"Wolmi Theme Park on Wolmido Island has been a beloved amusement spot since 1992. The park offers thrilling rides and family-friendly attractions with stunning views of Incheon. It’s also a K-drama hotspot—featured in shows like Doona! where Lee Doo-na visits Yang Se-jong’s character, and Touch Your Heart, where Lee Dong-wook brings Yoo In-na for a memorable date. For a mix of fun and drama, this park is a must-visit! Kdramas filmed here: Doona! (2023) Inspector Koo (2021) Extracurricular (2020) Hi Bye, Mama! (2020) Touch Your Heart (2019) Let's Fight Ghost (2016) Come Back Mister (2016) Love For Ten: Generation of Youth (2013) "
"Wolmido Island is a treasure trove of entertainment and breathtaking vistas. Take a ride on the iconic Ferris wheel for panoramic views of the sea and city. Then, embark on a cable car adventure that offers a bird's-eye view of the island's rugged coastlines. With an amusement park, charming shops, and a coastal promenade, Wolmido Island promises a day of fun and natural beauty, all within easy reach of Incheon."

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