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"The Rainbow Mountain, known locally as Vinicunca, was only recently discovered due to the consequences of global warming. Before the mid-2010s, the Mountain was covered by snow; once it started melting, the colorful line stripes appeared, attracting people to see this natural phenomenon. Vinicunca sits at an altitude of over 5,000 meters; the Mountain showcases striking red, yellow, green, and purple stripes resulting from unique mineral deposits that paint the landscape. It is one of Peru's most iconic natural attractions, bringing many visitors annually. It is a very touristy place, so expect to see many people during your visit. Once you are near the top of the Mountain, you can visit the Red Valley. It costs 10 PEN to climb to the top of the viewpoint where you can see it. The Red Valley is way prettier than the Rainbow Mountain, so I recommend visiting it. 🏅 ACTIVITIES The primary activity at Rainbow Mountain is hiking, with only one very steep trail, so make sure to be well-acclimatized before embarking on this adventure. I recommend hiking for a few days around Cusco before visiting Rainbow Mountain. There are options to use horses or ATVS to get to the top. If you cannot hike by yourself, I recommend paying for the ATV instead of using horses to bring you to the top. It's tough for them, and locals push them to do as many daily trips as they can. Once you start hiking, you can hear the horses breathing hard because carrying people to the top is a big effort. So please use ATVs. 🚶‍♀️HIKING Hiking at Rainbow Mountain will last 30 minutes to 1:30 hours to reach the top. If you decide to see the Red Valley, the hike will increase to 20-40mins to get to the top of the viewpoint to see the Valley. Afterward, you will hike downhill toward the parking lot to enter the vehicle and return to Cusco. 🚃 TRANSPORTATION There are two options for transportation in this adventure: 1) - Renting a car and driving there by yourself. This option gives you a lot of flexibility. A parking lot near the trailhead lets you park the car there and continue your adventure. 2) - Book a tour with an agency. They will arrange everything for you at a local restaurant, including breakfast and lunch. This option is good if you don't want to think too much about the logistics involved in this adventure. 💡SUGGESTIONS If I visit Rainbow Mountain again, I will rent a car and spend the night camping there. The place is really big, and it is worth exploring the area around. So my suggestion for you is to spend more time there. Bring supplies and a tent, and enjoy having the place for yourself after all the tourists leave. I believe that watching the sunset or sunrise there is a great experience."
"I didn't do this one because its at a higher altitude and alot of people had a difficult time with this one."
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💪This is a travel guide to the ecotourism scene in the Cusco province in Peru. It's a great place for ecotourism, with several options, some affordable and others not so much. I did most of the activities myself, so I added all my experience and what I have learned about each place in this guide. 🏞️ This guide shows an active but cultural side of Peru, where your adventurous spirit will flourish as you explore the best Cusco has to offer. It will help you quickly identify the main activities and adventures available in the province. ✅ You will use this guide well if you are in Cusco and want to dive into the ecotourism scene in the province and be active while traveling. This guide is useful for those who enjoy doing activities by themselves. While most of the activities can be done with a tour agency, I did most of them by myself, so you will find recommendations for agencies only for the few activities where it is hard to do without an agency. ❌ You will not use this guide well if you are looking for recommendations for restaurants or hotel accommodations in Cusco. One section in this guide only provides recommendations for places where I ate and stayed in Cusco. However, it is not the focus of this guide; it only includes places where I had good experiences and want to recommend them to you. 💡You will find tips on arranging transportation, which tour agencies to contact if you prefer to tour with a group, and general tips about the activities. This guide will save you hours of research for activities in Cusco and give you a clear insight into what's available. After that, you need to book the tour with the recommended agency or do it yourself if you prefer. 💰 This travel guide is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase; I am continuously on the road, traveling and exploring new places. Whenever I uncover a new gem or get more information about a place I explored, I will add it here, and you will receive the updates automatically at no extra cost. 🍲 Most of the time, I brought food with me on my adventures, but in some, I found great restaurants in Cusco. One section of the guide covers all my recommendations to you. 📕I run a travel blog ( where I write about ecotourism and tips for travelers about the destinations I uncovered in my journey. If I covered one adventure in this guide, you will find a link to the blog post where you can find complementary information about it. 🛄 Are you ready to be the next Cusqueño/a EcoTourist? Embark on this journey and let this guide help you uncover the best of the ecotourism scene in Cusco.
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