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Staten Island

About Staten Island

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"Did you know you can see the statue of liberty 🗽 for free? Take the staten island ferry (free) and you'll pass next to the statue and can explore the state island as well If you want to land on the statue of liberty island you can join an organized tour which is around 30$"

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🌎 Ever since finishing university 3 years ago, I have been full time travelling and volunteering for conservation projects. I absolutely love my lifestyle however can't lie tight budget is one of the downsides. Instead of giving up my travel dreams I just decided to become resourceful and find the perfect itineraries that still fit my tight budget and let me explore the world. Before every trip, I spend weeks planning and researching and it's one of my favourite parts of the adventure. However, I know it can be overwhelming and tedious at times so I decided to share my research and my itinerary with you. All places mentioned here are places where I have been/stayed/eaten myself and can give you an honest review. 🇺🇲 In fall of 2022 I backpacked through East coast of the USA by myself without a car. I was a bit sceptical how it would go since USA is not a very popular backpacker destination. But I was happily surprised how easy it was and kept going from New York down to Virginia, meeting new people on the way and exploring incredible places. 🗽In this guide, you'll find an itinerary through the USA meant to take you through 3 states throughout 14 days following my footsteps. You'll also find description of 2 day trip into 2 more states. I'll share with you my recommendations of where to stay and what to do as well as a detailed outline of the full cost which adds up to 490$ without day trips (accommodation and transport). You'll also find links to the accommodations I stayed in and all the bus/train companies I used. You'll also find a spreadsheet so you can adjust the itinerary to your own needs. What you'll get in this guide ✔️Itinerary through USA for 14 days ✔️Break down of the budget for the whole trip for accommodation and transport (updated November 23). ✔️Recommendations of budget accommodation in each location ✔️Recommendations of activities in each location ✔️Researched public transport connections between each location ✔️Ideas of day trips from the location (with budget expectations) ✔️Tips on how to get discounts on and flixbus (including a discount code) What you won't find in this guide ✖️Detailed day-to-day plan ✖️Budget for food during the trip as they will vary vastly depending on your personal preferences ✖️Food and restaurant recommendations however you'll find some recommendations of budget grocery stores
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