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Genova Brignole

About Genova Brignole

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What people say

"The first station on the site dates back to 1868. However, the current structure was built much later in 1905 for the Genoa International Exposition. Engineer Giovanni Ottino designed the building, featuring a passenger building stretching for 105 meters with a central axis of symmetry. The Genova Brignole building boasts a beautiful Romantic style inspired by the French Renaissance. Elements include extensive decorations, pilaster jambs and frames, and a Roman-style facade overlooking Piazza Verdi. The facade is further embellished with stuccoes and stones sourced from the Montorfano quarries. The interior walls feature frescoes by renowned artists De Servi, Berroggio, and Grife."
"This is the train station we arrived in from Florence"

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