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"Athens is the capital city of Greece, known for its rich history, ancient architecture, and contributions to Western civilization. It's home to iconic landmarks like the Acropolis, Parthenon, and the National Archaeological Museum Things to do in Athens 1. Acropolis and Parthenon: This ancient citadel is the most famous landmark in Athens, featuring the iconic Parthenon temple. 2. National Archaeological Museum: It houses an extensive collection of Greek antiquities, providing insight into the country's rich history. 3. Plaka District: Known as the "neighborhood of the gods," it's a charming area with narrow streets, traditional houses, and plenty of shops and restaurants. 4. Monastiraki Flea Market: A bustling market with a wide variety of goods, from souvenirs to vintage clothing and antiques. 5. Erechtheion Temple: Another important ancient Greek temple . 6. Syntagma Square and Changing of the Guard: The central square where you can witness the ceremonial changing of the guard . 7. Mount Lycabettus: You can hike or take a funicular to the top for a panoramic view of Athens. 8. Ancient Agora: A large public space where ancient Athenians gathered for political, commercial, and social activities. Transport: 1. Metro - 2.40 euros for 90 mins 2. Subway 3. Hopeon Bus Tours ( Download Get your guide for prices ) "
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"I spent weekend in Athens at the start of April and those 3 days were more that enough to see everything you plan on seeing."
"Stunning views of the Acropolis can be seen from so many different neighborhoods."

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