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Pile Gate

About Pile Gate

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What people say

"Pile Gate is the main entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town (it is where most of the buses stop and where a taxi will drop you off). Just inside the gate there are steps leading down to the Stradun, or a sloping path to your left. Just down these steps was where the Royal entourage were walking back to The Red Keep after Myrcella was shipped off to Dorne. You might know this scene as the one where Joffrey was hit in the face with a pile of manure! Pile gate was also used in season 3 when Jaime returned to King's Landing after being freed by Catelyn Stark. Usually Pile gate is open 24/7 (there is traffic flow management in place during the day), however, to film this scene with Joffrey they allowed the gate to be closed. According to one of the extras who appears in this scene it was really hard to actually find extras for this scene. This is because Croatian men are some of the tallest men in Europe but the production didn't want the extras to overshadow the cast! Cost: Free! "
"Pile Gate, also known as Porta Pile ("Gate of Pile"), stands as the main entrance to Dubrovnik's enchanting Old Town. This impressive structure holds historical significance, architectural charm, and serves as a vital access point for visitors exploring the city's treasures. Constructed between 1464 and 1537, Pile Gate served as the primary western entrance to Dubrovnik during the Republic of Ragusa era. The imposing gateway, flanked by the Bokar and Minčeta Fortresses, symbolized the city's strength and commitment to independence. Over centuries, Pile Gate witnessed historical events, welcoming dignitaries, witnessing trade exchanges, and serving as a vital passage for both residents and visitors."
"Here you will have an opportunity to buy a ticket to walk the walls. I highly recommend doing this. Wear comfortable, cool, clothing and walking sneakers. There isn't much shade, and lots of walking with steps."

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