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What people say

"Thamel is just the centre of Kathmandu where everything is happening. Cafes, restaurants, money exchange, hostels, hotels, guesthouses. My best recommendation is to get lost around the area. Oh, and don’t be surprised by locals stopping you asking you for your name, they are genuinely curious about travelers. Some others might just want to sell you their good, you simply tell them you are not interested. People won’t insist. But I tell you, talking to locals was one of my highlights. "
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"Whatever it is that you are looking for, this is the place to be!! from restaurants, to massages, gifts to bring home and BARS! dont forget to look up as many places are in 2nd or 3rd floor, this area is great for live music and karaoke bars at night."
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"Take a Thamel Shopping Spree: Dive into the vibrant markets of Thamel, where you can find colorful souvenirs, clothing, handicrafts, and enjoy live music and bustling nightlife."

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