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Neues Museum

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"Starting off with a popular one, the Neues Museum is absolutely worth the hype. It houses three collections: the Egyptian Museum & Papyrus Collection (my favorite), the Museum of Prehistory & Early History, & the Antiquities Collection. This museum is known for displaying the bust of Queen Nefertiti in the Papyrus Collection. Now, whenever an artifact is hyped up as much as this, I'm always a little skeptical. How could a 14th-century B.C. bust cause such a stir? But I promise you, this is ABSOLUTELY worth the hype. Sure, you can find pictures online. But none of them capture the true beauty of this piece of art. It is simply one of those things you have to look at, in person, for yourself. Besides the most beautiful piece of painted limestone you've ever seen, the Neues Museum offers plenty more. The Egyptian section of the museum takes you back to ancient times as you peer inside sarcophagi and walk among sculptures spanning four millennia! The Museum of Prehistory & Early History has an impressive 6000 exhibits, so make sure to pace yourself. The second floor has artifacts from the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages, which I found fascinating to see progress. All in all, this museum is definitely worth a visit. Price: General admission is 14 EUR for adults, children under 18 years can enter for free, and students receive a 50% discounted ticket. Any reduced ticketholder will need to present a valid ID or document. How long to plan for: I had a lot of flexibility when visiting the Neues Museum, so I took my time with each exhibit. It took me exactly 2 hours. If you're in more of a rush, you definitely can get through in 90 minutes, but I would not plan for less than that. How to get there: The Neues Museum is on Museum Island, a central hub for Berlin's most famous museums. It is a straight shot on the U5 to the Museumsinsel stop. If you're coming from Alexanderplatz, you'll want to go in the direction of Berlin Hbf and it takes about 7-10 minutes including the walk to Neues. It is also a walkable distance from Alexanderplatz, about 15 minutes. Know before you go: Many popular museums, especially the ones on Museum Island, will sell out early. If you go at opening, chances are you'll be able to get in depending on the day of the week and time of year (summers & weekends are crowded). However, there's no reason to risk it, because you can buy the tickets from their website. I suggest booking them on the Neues Museum website (linked here) and not a third-party platform (they'll likely upcharge you). Online tickets are typically available on short notice, but book as soon as your itinerary is confirmed. REMEMBER: If you purchase a reduced ticket online, you'll still have to present a document of proof at check-in. "
"I really enjoyed this museum and am glad I went. In full transparency, I loved ancient Egypt growing up and went primarily to see the Bust of Nefertiti, which was stunning. I was considering not going as it wasn't super cheap, but seeing an artifact I'd seen in textbooks growing up was worth it. Price: 0-17 Free, €7-14 Included in various discounted museum passes"
"I adore this museum, lots of ancient cultures are exhibited here along with the bust of Nefertiti. There is plenty to look at and can be fun for kids interested in ancient Egypt or other ancient cultures. "
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