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Sushi Girl Kauai

About Sushi Girl Kauai

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What people say

"A can’t miss spot in Kauai! I cannot describe how much I loved this place. Like almost everywhere else on the island, the fish was insanely fresh but the way they paired different ingredients completely blew my mind and overwhelmed my taste buds. I’ve always wanted to try a sushi burrito and the O.G. Sushi Burrito with ahi tuna 🌯did nottttt disappoint. We also snagged a Beach Roll with fresh blue 🦀 and washed everything down with the Big Sip miso soup + the SurferRosa Housemade iced tea (made with rosebuds, hibiscus, lemongrass, nettle, & local 🍯). *chef’s kiss* x 1000 As usual, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs and the disappointment at not being able to finish every morsel was unreal. The only downside is that the wait can be a little long. Luckily it is located in the cutest little shopping center so take a wander around while you wait. "
"Amazing sushi from a tiny food stand in Kilauea. Poke bowls, sushi burritos, rolls, musubi, vegetarian options, they have it all, and it is all sooo good"
"A tucked away food truck in Kilauea town with delicious sushi options. There are plenty of seating options nearby, or you can easily take it to go."

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