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La Gruta Spa

About La Gruta Spa

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What people say

"Blanketed under a canopy of palm trees, the pool at La Gruta is a unique setting to soak in hot springs. There are three different pools heated to varying temperatures. The most beautiful is the one pictured above. Go during the week if you can and bring cash with you for the lockers. There is a casual on-site restaurant if you want to eat lunch there. Lastly, you’ll need to take an Uber. It’s a little bit far, so be prepared for a few drivers to cancel before you secure a ride. Food and drinks are from outside the facility are not allowed. They also offer spa services."
"Most well-known hotspring in San Miguel. Like Escondido, it has a collection of hot springs pool but the most famous feature is a long, narrow cave tunnel with water pouring from the roof. It is also a very popular spot with locals so arrive early and avoid weekends! Hours: 7am - 5pm Cost: 250 MXN "
"Thermal waters with both open and closed warm pools that are worth visiting. Plus it's only $250MXN/$13USD per person for the whole day. I recommend arriving early for the best experience of having the place almost to yourself! Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 7am to 5pm. "

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