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de Young Museum

About de Young Museum

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What people say

"Discover artistic treasures and cultural narratives at the de Young Museum, a striking architectural marvel nestled within Golden Gate Park. This museum is a sanctuary for art enthusiasts, housing a rich collection of American paintings, African and Oceanic art, and international textiles. Wander through its galleries, where masterpieces and artifacts from across the world intertwine in a narrative that spans time and continents. Beyond its collections, the de Young's modern architecture and panoramic views from its tower provide a stunning backdrop that accentuates the artistic journey, creating an experience that engages all senses."
"The de Young Museum allows families the opportunity to explore beautiful artwork and get creative through hands-on programs, discovery guides, and videos to learn more about the art. On Saturdays, stop by the free drop-in program for families. Explore the collections and learn new art-making techniques with de Young’s team of teaching artists. Another great feature at the De Young Museum is the observation tower. This spectacular space offers 360-degree views of the city and is a can't-miss feature of the museum. "
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