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Monte Verde

About Monte Verde

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"In Monteverde you can really do everthing but than it will be really expansive. You can walk over suspension bridges (~40$), walk through the dschungel (~18-40$), night walk through the dschungel (~25$), zip line (~70$), bungee jumping (~90$) and a lot more. We decide just to go for a night walk in the dschungel. You are walking ~2h around with a guide and in a small gruppe (max. 8) and search for animals. We saw frogs, snake, tarantula, birds, Opossum, kinkadu and a tucan. Some are so close that you can male good pictures some are quite far away and difficult to see. It was a really nice tour, we can recommand it! We stayed in ‚Cattleya Monteverde‘ and payed 7,5$ per person per night. "
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"Monteverde is in the charming, mountaintop town of Santa Elena. The high elevation makes it very unique from other Costa Rican destinations. It is one of the only towns that brings the Costa Rican rainforest right up to the backdoor of your hotel room! From zip-lining between two mountains (literally) to spotting exotic wildlife on the rainforest trails, Monteverde is chalk-full of show-stopping attractions. "
"EN: Monteverde is known for its cloud forest. Made up of primary forests, this mountainous region is different from the rest of Costa Rica. take a sweater though, as the nights can be chilly. FR : Monteverde est connu pour sa forêt nuageuses. Constituée de forêts primaires, cette région montagneuse est différente du reste du Costa Rica. Prenez un pull cependant, car les nuits peuvent être fraîches. "

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Get ready for a stunning week of scenery, wildlife, and relaxation! You'll spend your time in 3 areas of Northern Costa Rica: the majestic Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna, the cloud-kissed forests of Monteverde, and the sun-soaked beaches of Tamarindo. 🧳Trip summary Day 1 - Travel day Day 2 - La Fortuna (hiking & swimming) Day 3 - La Fortuna (wildlife & hotsprings) Day 4 - La Fortuna + Monteverde (hanging bridges & night hike) Day 5 - Monteverde (canopy tour & excursion options) Day 6 - Monteverde (cloud forest) Day 7 - Tamarindo (excursion options) Day 8 - Tamarindo (beach day) Day 9 - Travel day This itinerary is perfect for a Saturday through following Sunday week-long trip, but could be adapted to any date range. The trip is laid out with stops in three popular Northern cities, but any city could be added or removed to extend or shorten the trip. The itinerary assumes you have rented a car to travel between each destination, but there you can also find plenty of options to take shuttles between each city. Why this guide? 🎟️ Advance ticket purchase recommendations. Avoid the lines - and disappointment - by booking tickets ahead of time. You'll be guaranteed entrance and will enjoy walking straight in, past any lines for ticket purchases. Special call outs for combo tickets to bundle and save will also be included where available! 🧾 Location-specific packing list. This won't be a comprehensive list (surely you've remembered your socks), but it will cover some key items to toss in your bag for a truly great experience at your destination. 🏆 Honorable mentions. Unless you booked a one way ticket (jealous!), you've only got a limited time to explore. The suggested itinerary includes my opinions of the best choices for first time visitors with general interest. Feel free to swap those out with any of the honorable mentions. ✨ And finally... If you are looking for a more tailored experience with a unique twist based on your interests, travel dates, and more, a custom itinerary may be best. I look forward to helping bring your vacation vision to life!
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