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La Condesa

About La Condesa

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What people say

"Condesa, a neighborhood known for its lively parks and timeless Art Deco charm, beckons with its enchanting parks and gardens, creating idyllic settings for leisurely strolls and delightful picnics. In the heart of this neighborhood, you'll also discover clandestine speakeasy-style bars and intimate jazz clubs, each offering a secret portal into Mexico City's vibrant nightlife. Dive into Condesa's artistic and nocturnal tapestry as you explore its hidden gems."
"This is by far my favorite neighborhood, and it's where I stayed when I lived here in 2019. It's leafy, it's safe, it's great to walk around, and there are tons of spots to check out."
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"La Condesa, adjacent to La Roma, exudes a cosmopolitan charm with its tree-lined avenues, Art Nouveau buildings, and parks."
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