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Medicinsk Museion

About Medicinsk Museion

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What people say

"Looking for something different (and at times a little gruesome), then the Medical Museion may be the museum for you. Although it’s a fairly small museum, it has famous collections with medical artefacts collected over more than 200 years. The permanent collections span from microscopes to traditional medical uniforms and from protheses to moulages (wax imprints of skin diseases). In addition, there are several temporary topics zooming in on certain parts of the body, a specific disease, or ethical dilemma’s."
"Located in an 18th-century building that was once the Royal Academy of Surgeons, this fascinating little museum boasts one of the richest collections of medical artefacts in Europe. Though some displays aren’t for the squeamis"
"You saw Derek miss this one, but time it well and you can visit two museums just next to each other - Design and Medicine."

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