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Civil Liberties

About Civil Liberties

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What people say

"Civil Liberties is a trendy cocktail bar located in the heart of Toronto. Known for its unique concept, this bar offers a one-of-a-kind experience. The bartenders are skilled mixologists who work closely with guests to understand their flavor preferences and preferences. Whether you enjoy something sweet and fruity or prefer a more complex and sophisticated taste, the bartenders will craft a drink tailored to your specific liking. The process begins with a brief consultation, where the bartender will ask you about your preferred base spirit, flavor profiles, and any dietary restrictions or allergies. With this information, they will expertly combine various spirits, fresh ingredients, and unique house-made syrups to create a drink that perfectly suits your taste buds. With the option to choose from a wide selection of spirits, garnishes, and mixers, the possibilities are virtually endless. From classic cocktails with a twist to completely original concoctions, the bartenders at Civil Liberties embrace each and everyone’s tastes. "
"Voted #1 cocktail bar in Canada and #73 in the world. Who am I to argue? "

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