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Ruins of St. Paul's

About Ruins of St. Paul's

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What people say

"Located nearby from the Senado Square, you can easily find this ruin, it's huge and giving the right vibes for historical learning. As you venture beyond this ruin, you can check the history, time to time of the development of this ruins. Right side of this ruin, there are souvenir shops that sell of course souvenir for cheaper prices, make sure to check it out. They have good keychains,."
"It's one of the landmark of Macao, so expect crowds gathering around the Ruins. Best photo-taking time - during lunch hour or very early in the morning to avoid crowds History - UNESCO World Heritage in Macao - Built by Jesuits, during Portugal and Spain colonization - Was one of the largest Catholic churches in Asia - Destroyed by fire in 1835"
"Really nice to take pictures here especially for history lovers. "

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