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About Viktualienmarkt

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What people say

"Munich's holy grail when it comes to delicatessen, cheese, fresh veg and fruits, five thousand varieties of pickled olives, local salmon, truffles, Italian salami, and generally everything that feels like a hug for your palate. For some locals, it's their weekly grocery shopping destination, for most, it's a "meet your friends and family for a glass of Prosecco, morning coffee or some chocolate croissants in the sun and pretend you life on a farm in rural Germany" kinda spot. Community to go, if you will. "
"This market is more like a food market that happens to have a few festive decorations and offers bratwurst and glühwein. But what food and drinks they do have are stellar! It’s only a short walk from the Munich Christkindlemarkt, so if you wish to see it, you won’t be out very much time. Since this market has many picnic tables, it’s a great place to get off your feet and rest for a bit! Open Dates: November 25 to December 24, 2024"
"Sprawling 200-year-old market with over 100 stalls selling goods from fruit to meat to flowers. open Monday to Saturday 7 am to 8 pm!"

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