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About Padua

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"2. Padua: A Tapestry of Art, History, and Timeless Elegance Padua is a charming city known for its rich history and cultural heritage. Start your visit with the iconic Scrovegni Chapel, housing Giotto's masterpieces. Explore the historic University of Padua, one of the world's oldest universities. Don't miss the impressive Prato della Valle square and the Basilica of Saint Anthony. Enjoy a stroll through the picturesque streets, try local dishes at Osteria dei Fabbri, and savor a traditional Italian espresso in one of the cozy cafes."
"Day 1: 1. Cappella degli Scrovegni (14.00€) 2. Palazzo Bo (12.00€) 3. Gattamelata 4. Basilica di Sant'Antonio di Padova. (7.00€) 5. Patro Della Valle"
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"Beautiful town just outside Venice. Large town, but still very walkable. It’s a university town, so there’s plenty of bars and restaurants! "

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