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About Magstræde

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What people say

"Magstræde was created in the 1520s when the coastline was moved to present day Nyropgade. The first part of the name, Mag-, is an old word for a lavatory, referring to a public latrine, Vestre Mag ("Western Mag"), which was located at the site. Another one, Østre Mag (Eastern Mag"), was located at the end of Hyskenstræde. This street is among the few streets in the Old Town of Copenhagen which still feature their original cobbling."
"They are two of the oldest streets in the Old Town. The streets are among the few streets which still feature their original cobbling since most of them burned in 1728. If you want to see colourful original townhouses, that’s where you want to go!"
"Cute street following the previous one"

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