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Preah Khan Temple

About Preah Khan Temple

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What people say

"Preah Khan is one of the larger temples in the Angkor area, but not very well restored compared to the monuments of Angkor Wat or Angkor Thom. Like many of the other temples, this was erected as a Buddhist temple, but was converted to a Hindu temple, with the Buddhist imagery being destroyed in the process. The temple has many standard features including a barrier wall surrounding the grounds, and the typical beehive columns, always in odd numbers. There are many buildings within the fortified walls, but the main structure has a maze-like quality. You’ll see many carvings here as well, but not as detailed or well preserved as Banteay Srei. "
"Like Ta Prohm, this temples also remains vastly unrestored. Blocks of stone lie in piles, vegetation grows over the ruins, and you get the same feel you would in Ta Prohm minus the crowds"
"Historic ruins of a temple built by a king, with ornate stone carvings & shade trees."

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