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Kamondo Stairs

About Kamondo Stairs

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What people say

"The Kamondo Stairs, also known as Camondo Stairs, are a historical landmark in Istanbul, Turkey. Here's what you should know: Location: They connect Bankalar Street with Banker Sokak in the Karaköy district, close to the iconic Galata Tower. History: Built between 1870 and 1880 by the prominent banker Abraham Salomon Kamondo of the Kamondo family. Design: Neo-Baroque and early Art Nouveau architectural styles are blended in the design. The stairs resemble a cascading braid. Purpose: There are two stories behind their construction: Provided a shortcut for the Kamondo family to access their residence on the hill from Bankalar Street where their business was located. Built to offer a convenient route for their grandchildren attending the Austrian Lycée nearby."
"Kamondo Stairs, also known as Kamondo Merdivenleri in Turkish, is an iconic staircase in Istanbul, Turkey, located in the Karaköy district. Constructed in the late 19th century, the stairs connect Bankalar Caddesi (Banks Street) to the Galata district. The staircase is an architectural gem adorned with ornate iron railings, providing a picturesque ascent with a historic ambiance. It is named after the prominent Kamondo family, who were influential bankers during the Ottoman period. Today, Kamondo Stairs stand as both a functional pathway and a historical landmark, offering visitors a glimpse into Istanbul's rich past and architectural heritage."

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