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Art Palace

About Art Palace

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What people say

"The Arts Palace, located in Tbilisi, Georgia, is a cultural institution dedicated to promoting and celebrating the arts in all their forms. Situated in a majestic building in the city center, the Arts Palace serves as a hub for artistic expression, education, and engagement, welcoming visitors of all ages and backgrounds to explore the world of art. The Arts Palace offers a diverse range of activities and programs, including exhibitions, performances, workshops, and educational initiatives. Its exhibition spaces showcase a variety of artistic mediums, from painting and sculpture to photography, digital art, and beyond, providing a platform for both emerging and established artists to share their work with the public. In addition to its exhibition spaces, the Arts Palace features performance venues, lecture halls, and studios where visitors can participate in classes, lectures, and hands-on activities led by experienced artists and educators. Whether you're interested in viewing art, learning new skills, or simply immersing yourself in the creative atmosphere, the Arts Palace offers a welcoming and inspiring environment for all who appreciate the transformative power of the arts."
"Beautiful house style museum rich with culture and history"
"A museum showcasing Georgian art and costume. "
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