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Q39 - Midtown

About Q39 - Midtown

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What people say

"You can't say that you've been to Kansas City unless you've had barbecue there - I think Q39 is a great spot for checking that one off of your bucket list. It's perfect for a sit down dinner. This location has a parking lot, but it's a bit tight and I'd definitely recommend making a reservation for a weekend night. "
"3/5 ⭐️ The food at Q39 is excellent and comes more elegantly presented than other places on this list. The brisket, which is served sliced into long thick strips is tender and the burnt ends are delicious. As for the ribs, they’re juicy but not fall-off-the-bone tender as promised."
"Q39 has wowed KC with its BBQ- fairly new on the BBQ scene it is worth all the fuss. Located in the lively 39th street with lots of bars, restaraunts, and shops within walking distance. "

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