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Piazza Vecchia

About Piazza Vecchia

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What people say

"The square dates back to the Middle Ages when Bergamo was a prosperous city-state known as Bergomum. Its strategic location on trade routes between northern Europe and Italy brought wealth and prominence to the city. Piazza Vecchia emerged as the political and commercial center of Bergamo during this period. One of the most iconic landmarks in the square is the Palazzo della Ragione, also known as the Palazzo Vecchio. Constructed in the 12th century, it served as the seat of political power and housed the municipal council. The imposing Torre del Comune (Tower of the Municipality) rises above the palace, symbolizing the authority of the city. Over the centuries, Piazza Vecchia witnessed various historical events, including battles, political upheavals, and periods of prosperity. It remained a hub of civic life, with markets, festivals, and public gatherings animating its streets. During the Renaissance, Bergamo experienced a cultural flowering, and Piazza Vecchia became a focal point for artistic and intellectual exchange. The elegant buildings around the square reflect this period of artistic patronage and architectural innovation. In the modern era, Bergamo's significance as a cultural and economic center continued to grow. Despite facing challenges such as wars and urban development, Piazza Vecchia retained its historic character and remains a symbol of Bergamo's enduring heritage."
"The heart of Città Alta in Bergamo. It offers a great atmosphere and some delightful places to eat."

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