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About Vestibul

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What people say

"The Vestibul, also known as The Rotonda or The Atrium, is the grand entrance hall to the imperial quarters within Diocletian's Palace in Split, Croatia. Built in the early 4th century AD, it served as a passageway and waiting area for those seeking an audience with the emperor. Imagine stepping into a awe-inspiring space. Originally a perfect circle, the Vestibul soars 17 meters high, topped by a vanished dome that once glittered with mosaics. The white, rounded walls were adorned with niches that likely held statues of Roman dignitaries. This wasn't just a functional entryway; it was a deliberate display of imperial power. The sheer size and grandeur would have undoubtedly humbled visitors, setting the tone for their audience with the emperor. Today, the Vestibul remains a powerful reminder of the majesty of Diocletian's palace."

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