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Cooks Chasm

About Cooks Chasm

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What people say

"Though this isn’t a set area for dispersed camping, you can pull over on the side of the road by Cook’s Chasm and Thor’s Well and spend the night listening to the sound of the waves crashing below you, or the occasional blow of Thor’s Well blowhole. Just make sure you don’t park anywhere that has a “No Overnight Parking” sign, and you’ll be good. This area of the coast tends to be less busy than the southern and northern areas. In Oregon, you can legally boondock (stay parked) for up to 12 hours in any spot as long as it’s not otherwise posted, or not in a state park. If you’re there on a moonless night, you may get lucky enough to see the phosphorescent glow on the waves. South of Cook’s Chasm there are a few day use areas which make for a good place to grab a picnic table and prepare breakfast in the morning, or dinner in the evening if you don’t have the full set up in your car. Nearby you’ll have easy access to incredible coastal views, beaches, hiking, fishing, and more. If you need any supplies, Yachats is the nearest town."

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