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This guide covers everything you need to know about how to spend a quintessential 3-6 days in Bergen - a UNESCO World Heritage city! Famous for its Fjords, seafood, and reindeer sausage hot dogs, discover what this coastal Scandinavian gem has to offer! This itinerary & guide combo includes: General Info: 🇳🇴Basics 🌦️Weather 🧳Packing Tips 🏷️Bergen Card, and❓Is it worth it? 🌭Food to Try 🍺Alcohol 📝Game Plan of how to spend 3-6 full days Day by Day Itinerary 📍Days 0-6 ❌What to Skip (hint: this guide costs less than what you’ll save!) 🚗Day Trip Recs (8) Extra Food & Drink Recs ☕️Cafés (3) 🍽️Restaurants (10, including 3 from our local guide) 🍸Cocktail bars (2) 🏨Lodging Recs (3 different price points) 💰Trip Cost Breakdown Psst: I'm not Norweigan, nor do I live in Bergen. BUT, I scoured the internet, TikTok, Atlas Obscura, Viator, ChatGPT, brochures, etc. to thoroughly plan this trip, not to mention asked our local Fjord tour guide for his personal recs. I've done (nearly) everything suggested on this itinerary for Days 1-3. Days 4-6 are suggestions based on my research/time I wish I had! *Some day trip suggestions may require a car. 🌱I travel with sustainability in mind. Bergen (and Norway) is a super green destination! You can do electric, zero emissions Fjord cruises (see my tour rec!), there are electric city buses, most cars are electric, and there’s simple transport by tram from the airport into the city. Norway’s incredible nature is one of the main draws, with lots of low-carbon activities to do like hiking and kayaking. Plus, the beauty of the majestic Fjords will blow you away and remind you how incredible our planet is 💚 This trip was planned for a group of 4 friends (2 couples) traveling together, without a car. Our intentions were to explore Bergen and the surrounding areas, spend time visiting with each other, and not break the bank (while not foregoing iconic experiences).
Car-free • Groups • Couples • Families • Adventure • Nature • Sustainable/Eco • Slow Travel
Mo ved Steinsdalen, 5600 Norheimsund, Norway
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