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Explore Seoul's Vegan Food Scene with this Guide to Vegan Eateries in South Korea's Capitol City. What's included: 🌱 INTERACTIVE MAP: Navigate Seoul with this interactive map, highlighting over 80 carefully selected vegan restaurants and cafes across the city's neighborhoods. And in case the GoogleMaps-Link doesn't work: I added the NaverMaps-Link for every single place! 🌱 DIVERSE OPTIONS: From cozy cafes to elegant restaurants, from korean traditional cuisine to western dishes - everything you could possibly want to try when visiting Seoul. 🌱 KOREAN DISHES: Some korean dishes are naturally vegan or can be adapted to be vegan by omitting or substituting some ingredients. I added a list of those dishes. 🌱 HELPFUL PHRASES: As most Koreans unfortunately don't know the differences between vegetarian and vegan, it's often necessary to explain your restrictions. To make this a bit easier for you, you can find the most important translations in this guide too. 🌱 BONUS TIPS: Not just restaurants and cafes - I also included a few vegan options for traditional markets and convenience stores. And a tip how you can order delivery food without a korean phone number or bank account. 🌱 CATEGORIZED: I organized the places into "vegan only" and "vegan option available", so it's easier for you to make a decision and know what to expect. Whether you're a committed vegan, a curious explorer, or someone aiming for healthier choices, this guide hopefully helps you exploring Seoul's vegan culinary world.
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