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Stair of the Turks

About Stair of the Turks

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What people say

"You'll find Free parking along the street. The beach here is also very spectacular because it’s different from other beaches. The water at the bay is full of interesting underwater cliffs, that mix together with the depths of the water, You can literary step on a cliff slightly underwater and jump in deep from it, but beware of Jellyfish when jumping in, they may wander there around sometimes, it’s recommended to use snorkeling mask or water glasses to look down before jumping because friendship with jellyfish after jumping in may be painful. Getting on the rocks... But the best and most spectacular thing about Scala dei Turchi is that – if You’re brave enough with a little adventurous spirit, after 6 pm when all the guards are finished their shift, You can go and walk on these beautiful rock formations and watch the sunset over the sea but it’s on Your own risk. Unfortunately, You’ll not be the only one doing that, everyone will do that but there will not be big crowds because a lot of tourists just don’t know that."
"This is one of Sicily’s most alluring natural rock structures. On the south of the island near Agrigento is the moonscape of Scala dei Turchi (roughly translated to ‘Turkish steps’), a bone-white marl formation that has rippled into a wave-like shape after years of erosion from wind and sea spray. We suggest climbing up the side for the best views of the sparkling indigo sea and flanking sandy beaches."
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"Another true hidden gem. This place is favoured by locals. Follow google maps and find a parking spot along the road. You will find steps down to the beach with an incredible view of the Scala de Turchi."

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