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"If you head west or northwest from Akureyri, you'll immediately hit Tröllaskagi. The Troll Peninsula lies in between two fjords, Eyjafjörður and Skagafjörður, on the north coast of Iceland. Its coastal road has dramatic views of the Greenland Sea. The interior of the peninsula is marked with high mountains--this is one of the best places to ski in the country--and deep, glacier-carved valleys with secluded farms. Small towns, which mostly dot the coast, are isolated and hard to reach during the winter. Expect few tourists and dramatic landscapes."
"The landscape along this peninsula is really beautiful. "

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Have you ever dreamt about travelling to Iceland? Here I share the most complete 8-day itinerary along the Ring Road in Iceland! After having lived in Iceland for more than 1 year, I want to share with you my best tips based on my experience for travelling around one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen and that I like to call home. I’m also sharing special places and not only the most popular ones. What to consider before reading: • Personally, I believe that the most enjoyable way to travel around Iceland is by Campervan • The most important thing to pack is different layers of clothes, no matter what season you are in • Bare in mind that it's illegal to camp outside campings in Iceland (this is under your own responsibility) and this guide is not focusing on camping sites. • Be aware of the fast changing and though Icelandic weather. • Bring eye mask to sleep (there's almost no darkness during the Midnight Sun). • Feel free to modify the starting point of the road trip (either starting from the South or the West) according to the weather forecast (although it can be unpredictible). • I would not recommend taking detours that I suggest along the blog if weather conditions are not good. • Note that the maximum speed limit in Iceland is 90 km/h in main roads, make sure you don't overpass the limit. Traffic fines are very expensive in Iceland, you don't want to pay one! And be careful with sheep! They are constantly crossing the road. And most importantly, ENJOY YOUR TRIP TO ICELAND!! 😜🇮🇸 *all the pictures in this blog are mine otherwise stated
Adventure • Nature • Van Life • Road Trip • Photography
Active volcanoes. Dancing northern lights. Gushing geysers. Massive glaciers. Thermal hot springs. Thundering waterfalls. Iceland is the ultimate adventure destination. How have you not been here yet? It’s finally time. Start in the northernmost capital in the world. Reykjavik is a hip, modern city. Then start exploring the wild coastline, the sheep-filled countryside, the icy interior, and the peaceful islands. There are plenty of black-sand beaches, small fishing villages, turf-roofed houses, and epic hikes along the way. Just remember to pack layers. Sometimes, the Gulf Stream provides moderate temperatures. Other times, it’ll feel like you’re in the Arctic. Also don’t forget the long, dark winters and the 24-hour daylight during the short summers. If you take advantage of Icelandair’s free stopover program—a great excuse to visit Helsinki, Copenhagen, and even Paris—you can keep returning to discover which season you like best. This detailed guide includes: Places: regions, cities, islands, peninsulas, towns, neighborhoods Stay: hotels Eat: bakeries, cafés, coffee shops, food carts & trucks, food halls, ice cream, Michelin stars, pizzerias, restaurants, soup Drink: beer bars, breweries, cocktail bars, wine bars Shop: beauty products, bookstores, Christmas stores, chocolate shops, clothing boutiques, flea markets, knitwear, outdoor wear, record stores, vintage clothing, wool products Do: art museums, bays, beaches, bridges, caves, churches, concert venues, cultural centers, fjords, geothermal areas, geysers, harbors, hikes, history museums, horseback riding, hot springs, lagoons, lakes, lighthouses, memorials, mountains, national forests, national parks, natural wonders, nature reserves, parks, peace stones, ponds, roads, rock formations, rocks, rootless cones, scenic drives, sculptures, shipwrecks, sports venues, squares, streets, swimming pools, thermal baths, tunnels, valleys, viewpoints, volcanoes, walks, waterfalls Transportation: airports, bus terminals, car rentals, ferries, parking lots, transfers Note: I travel to Iceland frequently, so this guide is updated often.
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