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What people say

"Wrapping up its trip along the NEC and marking the beginning of foreign railroad tracks, the Crescent generally makes an extended stop in Washington D.C. at Union Station. The scheduled 27-minute stop in Washington allows for the standard boarding/deboarding as well as luggage and more to take place. Washington is Amtrak’s second-busiest station across its entire network, so there is typically a large amount of people exchanging. Another reason for the extended stop is that Washington is the southern terminus of the NEC and thus electrified territory. Therefore, the train's electric locomotive is switched out for a diesel - or vice-a-versa - during this dwell time. Passing through tunnels traveling south under the city: the Library of Congress, the U.S. Capitol Building and the Supreme Court of the United States, the Crescent then crosses the Potomac River into Virginia."
"Small accomodation mostly popular with young people who stay there for a bit looking for apartment in Washington. Keep in mind that rooms are very small. Shared kitchen is more spacious and you get a free breakfast:)"
"Spring into an adventure in Washington D.C.: Discover the capital city's stunning cherry blossoms and enjoy the perfect weather for exploring historic landmarks and iconic museums."

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