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"The Sunset Limited’s trip ends in downtown Los Angeles, arriving at Union Station at 5:35 a.m. PT. The time isn’t the most ideal, but it allows for an early start to the day. One thing to be aware of…if the Sunset is running on time into Yuma, it can arrive into LA more than an hour early as long as it has a clean run overnight. This is because it doesn’t have to wait for its scheduled departure time at Ontario & Pomona and can leave early. So be prepared for an even earlier start to the day (or hope you’re running slightly behind schedule). The City of Angels presents endless opportunities of places to go, things to do, eat and stay. On top of that, you can make direct connections to a variety of Amtrak trains. The Pacific Surfliner (regional service between San Luis Obispo and San Diego), the Southwest Chief (LD to Chicago via Albuquerque & Kansas City), the Coast Starlight (LD to Seattle via Oakland & Portland)."

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Ever contemplated a new method of travel? A way to break up all of the traffic-filled roadtrips or miserable treks to the airport, only to wait 2-3 hours for a flight? Fed up with the same old highway views (or lack of views from the plane)? If so, this guide is for you! From the very first time I boarded an Amtrak Long Distance (LD) train in 2016 in Oakland, CA, I was immediately overcome with excitement, which quickly morphed into a passion. I have yet to go on a trip and not catch myself in a trance staring out the window on multiple occasions, failing to read/watch all of the books/shows I thought I would need or having a deep conversation with a complete stranger in the observation car. These experiences are the reason why I write this guide, to share and hopefully inform prospective travelers. If you are not familiar with Amtrak’s LD services, fear not! I intend to offer as much information about the train options, destinations, schedules and anything else I can think of to lead your potential adventure. If for some reason, I don’t cover something, feel free to reach out! This is just part one of a three-part guide and will cover the intro as well as the first five long-distance trains (numerically). Be sure to check out the other two sections, the individual more in-depth route guides, as well as 20 Questions for an Amtrak LD First Timer (all coming soon!).
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