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Colchuck Lake

About Colchuck Lake

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"I’ll preface this recommendation by saying that Colchuck Lake is the most scenic hike I’ve ever done in Washington. That said, it is also the most challenging and longest day hike I’ve done in the state to date.  Yes, the water truly is this vibrant blue color. No photoshop is needed here! This alpine gem gets its bright blue hue from glacier-fed waters and is surrounded by granite mountains. Some hikers eagerly go for a swim to cool off, but be warned that “Colchuck” translates to “very cold water” in Chinook. Pack a picnic lunch to savor the lakeside views, and don't skimp on the snacks or water. The trek there is tough both in terms of incline and terrain. At approximately 8.5 miles out + back (some would argue longer if there is no parking available closer to the start of the trail), it is rated as "Hard" by AllTrails thanks to its 2,349 ft elevation gain and is not for the faint of heart. Rest assured there are toilets along the trail as this hike generally takes about 5 hours to complete.  If you’re lucky, you may spot some mountain goats along the way!"
"Now this is a HIKE! An 8 mile round trip to get to this alpine lake. You will need a Northwest Forest Pass to park at the trailhead "
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