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What people say

"Price: 6 euro Only one-hour drive from Belgrade is located the city of Smederevo. Its location is quite interesting since it is bordered by two rivers – Danube on the north, Velika Morava river on the east and Sumadija hills overlooking the city. Visit the famous Smederevo fortress from 15th century which once used to be one of the biggest medieval fortresses in Europe. Don’t miss White Palace of Obrenovic dynasty which is actually the last Serbian medieval court and St George’s temple in the very heart of the city. Smederevo is also the city of wine and you can taste these wines in the so-called Wine City Park near the main square. Buses departure from Belgrade every 30 minutes or so. You can find tickets and information at main bus stop"
"This cycling adventure starts in Belgrade to visit the former capital of Serbia in medieval times: Smederevo. It is a great opportunity to combine exercising with cultural education on the same day :) The route in this adventure is an alternative road located near the Danube River, this road is less busy compared with the main road that connects Belgrade and Smederevo. I recommend you start early in the morning in order to have enough time to explore two great highlights of Smederevo. The first one is the fortress located in the heart of the city. The second highlight is the Smederevo museum, located right in front of the fortress. In the museum, you can learn a lot about life in Serbia during the medieval era. "

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Late 2023 I decided to go backpacking with a friend. 26 days, 6 countries all under 380€. 📍Croatia 🇭🇷 📍Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦 📍Montenegro 🇲🇪 📍Albania 🇦🇱 📍North Macedonia 🇲🇰 📍Serbia 🇷🇸 Ever since finishing university 3 years ago, I have been full time travelling and volunteering for conservation projects. I absolutely love my lifestyle however can't lie tight budget is one of the downsides. Instead of giving up my travel dreams I just decided to become resourceful and find the perfect itineraries that still fit my tight budget and let me explore the world. Before every trip, I spend weeks planning and researching and it's one of my favourite parts of the adventure. However, I know it can be overwhelming and tedious at times so I decided to share my research and my itinerary with you. All places mentioned here are places where I have been/stayed/eaten myself and can give you an honest review. In this guide, you'll find an itinerary through the Balkans meant to take you through 6 countries throughout 26 days following my footsteps. I'll share with you my recommendations of where to stay and what to do as well as a detailed outline of the full cost (accommodation and transport). You'll also find links to the accommodations I stayed in and all the bus/train companies I used. You'll also find a spreadsheet so you can adjust the itinerary to your own needs. What you'll get in this guide ✔️Itinerary through Balkans for 26 days ✔️Budget for the whole trip for accommodation and transport (updated November 23) ✔️Recommendations of budget accommodation in each location ✔️Recommendations of activities in each location ✔️Researched public transport connections between each location ✔️Ideas of day trips from the location (with budget expectations) ✔️Tips on how to get discounts on and flixbus (including a discount code) What you won't find in this guide ✖️Detailed day-to-day plan ✖️Budget for food during the trip as they will vary vastly depending on your personal preferences ✖️Food and restaurant recommendations *I did the trip with a friend so the itinerary is mostly applicable for 2 people because accommodations recommendations are double/twin rooms. But if you're traveling with different number of people of course you can still use the guide you just need to find a different accomodation
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The number of great places to explore in Serbia is incredible!! From green lush forests to dunes and canyons, plenty of exciting experiences await you. ✅ This guide shows a different side of the country, where your adventurous spirit will flourish as you explore the best Serbia offers. It will help you quickly identify the main activities and adventures around the country. The adventures in this guide are split into different categories: 🏆 Hiking 🏆 Kayaking 🏆 Ski/Snowboarding 🏆 Cycling 🏆 Rafting You will find tips on arranging transportation, which tour agencies to contact if you prefer to tour with a group, and recommendations for accommodation and restaurants. This guide will save you hours of research for activities in Serbia. 💰 This travel guide is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase; I am continuously on the road, traveling and exploring new places. Every time I uncover a new gem, it will be added here, and you will receive the updates automatically at no extra cost to you. ⏱️ I did 98% of the activities in this guide, the other 2% are activities in my wishlist that will be completed in the future. When that happens, I will add more notes about it, and you will receive the updates mentioned in the previous paragraph. ⛰️ For activities like hiking and cycling, if you opt to do it by yourself, I left my routes so you can easily follow them. 🍲 Most of the time, I brought food with me on my adventures, but in some of them, I found great restaurants. When that's the case, you will also find tips about where to eat when finishing your adventure. 📕I run a travel blog ( where I write tips for travelers about the destinations I uncovered in my journey. If I covered one adventure in this guide, you will find a link to the blog post where you can find complementary information about it. 🛄 Are you ready to be the next Serbian EcoTourist? Embark on this journey and let this guide help you uncover the best of the Serbian ecotourism scene. ❓For questions, email me at
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