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Rottnest Island

About Rottnest Island

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What people say

"The home of the quokkas ( and other wildlife ) is easy accessible by ferry. once you are there you can bike around or take the island explorer bus. It's only 22 kilometers loop so easily done in a couple of hours. 1. Take a QUOKKA selfie. we all know that this is the one thing you can't miss on the island. Those cute animals are easily find nearby the main street where the cafes are because they sure like food. Maybe it is my spirit animal after all. Don't feed them it is wildlife and they are not made for human food. . 2. Those who don't like to bicycle can hike one of the hiking trails or take a guided walking tour. Make sure to check the last ferry otherwise you are stuck on the island. ( there are worse places to get stuck if you ask me. ) . 3. Take a picnic and enjoy the beach. I love those kind of activities. Best to bring your own food as it is expensive on the island and perfect to have some little snacks to slow down and enjoy the views. You might be lucky and spot some whales like I did. . 4. This is the place for those who fancy a romantic getaway. The island offers some glamping opportunities. Open a bottle of wine and enjoy the sunset as other tourist already left the island. Cheers "
"Get to Rottnest Island by ferry and spend an entire day exploring! Home to the quokkas - the cutest marsupial on the continent - you can spot them all over the main town! Beaches, snorkeling, hiking, cute shops, and restaurants abound on Rottnest, and it's my #1 spot to go while in Perth. My recommendation is to rent a bike and snorkel set from Pedal & Flipper Hire when you get off the ferry, then spend the day biking a loop around the island. Stop at every beach and snorkel, and definitely stop at the lighthouse for an amazing view over the island. It's a perfect way to spend the day! "
"if you couldn't find the Quoakas, go to the restaurant area near closest to the pier, especially near the trash bins. You will see them 100% For your day on Rottnest Island, pack beach towel, swimwear, change of clothes, snorkel gears, sunscreen, and a hat."

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