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Monkey forest

About Monkey forest

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What people say

"We were scared to go in here after all the horrible videos I saw of the monkeys attacking people. BUT! If you follow the rules, leave your bags at home, in the taxi, or the lockers. You will be fine. The monkeys are kind of doing their own thing. If you leave them alone and just observe them you will be fine. FOLLOW THE RULES! Don’t touch them, feed them, pet them, don’t bring any bags into the forest because they will jump on you and try to take them, don’t touch the babies, leave everything packed away, and dont look them in the eyes (as they take this as a sign of aggression). "
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"First we were undecided whether we wanted to visit the Monkey Forest, because many attractions in Bali that benefit from animals do not treat them properly. However, since the monkeys can move freely, and there are no fences to the outside, we finally decided to go for it, and we didn't regret it – the monkeys are just beautiful to look at and sometimes a bit cheeky. Price: 3€/person TIP: don't get too close to the monkeys, don't look them in the eye, and don't carry anything glittery or edible with you. Open bags/backpacks could also be your undoing. "
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"The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is a nature reserve and temple complex in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. It is also known as the Ubud Monkey Forest. The Sanctuary is home to over 1260 long-tailed macaques, who are considered sacred by the local Balinese people. Don't wear your sunnies, bring food with you, leave your bag open or have a loose grip on your phone or water bottle. These monkey's are smart and they will steal your things. • Adults - Rp80,000 • Kids - Rp60,000 • Open from 9am-6pm • Last entrance 5pm"

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