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Mercato Centrale

About Mercato Centrale

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What people say

"When people speak of the Mercato San Lorenzo, they mean both the outdoor leather and goods open air market as well as the indoor grocery market. The indoor maket is. also known as the Mercato Centrale.The downstairs is the old original market. The downstair market is open from 7-2pm,longer on Saturday and closed on Sunday. The upstairs was built after the 1966 flood and then redone recently and turned into an Artisan Food Court called "MERCATO CENTRALE" Owned by my friend Umberto Montana. He has opened several of them now in Rome, Milano and Torino. It is also restaurant dining, and is open from 10am until midnight daily except for Christmas. The open air leather and goods market is open all week from 8am until 8pm ( usually) There is a cooking school upstairs now for one day classes, run by the local language school, Lorenzo dei Medici. "
"This place is really fun! Sort of like Florence's version of Eataly but less corporate and chaotic. It's a high-energy market where you can shop around for groceries but also an eatery with different food store fronts from pasta to seafood to pastries etc. A good place to stop after you have done some shopping at the leather markets and want to sit for a bite. You can even order a Fiorentina steak with a bottle of wine. In fact, many people are doing that exact thing! Another note is the pastries and gelato here. Highly recommend. "
"This is usually a stop on tourist's Florence check list, but with good reason. It is also full of locals as well. There are a ton of great food options, including international and vegetarian as well. Each person can choose food from whichever place they want and sit together. Servers come around to take your drink order. Keep in mind that the eateries are all upstairs in the market. The downstairs is a full vegetable and fruit market. "

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