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Coco Bongo

About Coco Bongo

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What people say

"Coco Bongo is the biggest nightclub in Cancun. They do have clubs in other places such as Playa Del Carmen however I went to the Cancun one and it was amazing! I initially thought the ticket prices were a bit too expensive ($112 USD for a regular ticket), but looking closely at the package it’s actually a good deal as it’s open bar once your in so depending on how much you wanted to drink it can work out, and the entertainment is amazing. The way it works is it’s like a normal club with bars scattered all over and every half hour they have performances such as look a-like singers, aerobatic dancers, and more. The dance floors are big and not too over crowded. I had so much fun here, it was probably my favourite night out in Mexico, so I would definitely recommend going with friends and perhaps have dinner at Señor Frogs before hand! "

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