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About Rīga-Pasažieru

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What people say

"Rīga Pasažieru is one of the major railway stations located in the heart of Rīga, the capital city of Latvia. Serving as a vital transportation hub, Rīga Pasažieru connects the city with various destinations within Latvia and across international borders. Originally constructed in the late 19th century, Rīga Pasažieru embodies a blend of historical charm and modern functionality. Its architecture reflects the architectural styles prevalent during the period of its construction, with ornate facades and grand interiors that evoke a sense of nostalgia for travelers and locals alike. As a central transportation node, Rīga Pasažieru sees a bustling flow of commuters, tourists, and travelers passing through its corridors daily. The station's platforms accommodate both domestic and international trains, facilitating connections to cities such as Jūrmala, Daugavpils, and Liepāja within Latvia, as well as destinations in neighboring countries like Estonia, Lithuania, and Russia."

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