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Sewu Waterfall

About Sewu Waterfall

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What people say

"Tumpak Sewu waterfall is a hidden gem in East Java that will leave you speechless. The sheer power and beauty of the waterfall as it cascades down the cliffs is a sight to behold. I was fortunate enough to hike down to the base of the waterfall and witness its incredible force firsthand. The cool mist from the waterfall and the sound of the rushing water made me feel small in comparison to the immense natural wonder before me. Again, one of the best trips I have ever done. "
"Once you arrive, hire one of the on-site Guides to trek you down into the canyon. There you will explore many waterfalls sure to take your breath away. You may even want to relax in the cool pool of the waterfalls before your return journey back up the canyon. "

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