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"In my opinion, the Isle of Skye is the most beautiful part of Scotland when it comes to nature. If you Google Scotland most likely you'll get plenty of pictures of Skye. Even the cover of this guide comes from Skye. If there is one place I'd recommend everyone to visit in Scotland that would definitely be it. Unfortunately, Skye is terrible when it comes to public transport. You can get to Portee, the main city, but not much further than that. So the best way to explore the island is an organized tour. Luckily Inverness is not so far so you can take a day tour that will take you to the main attractions. The cost is 60£ however I'd highly recommend it. "
"Possibly the most magical and breathtaking place I’ve ever been. It’s not hard to imagine why the Fairy Glen is nicknamed so, or any of the other old world magical delights that await you among the craggy, sprawling green hills. A bucket list item for sure. "
"This is a private tour of the Isle of Skye from Portree. If you do not want to drive, this is the tour for you. I drove here, but would prefer to have a tour guide so that I could enjoy the scenery more!"
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As a teenager, I visited Scotland for a few days, and that in addition to Outlander binge watching ended up with me moving to Edinburgh next year. I spent a few years living there and falling more and more in love with the country. The only problem was that it was my university years which meant a tight budget but still the need to explore. So this guide is a summary of a few years of budget travel in Scotland and what I think it's the best compromise between budget and exploring everything this magical country has to offer. ⛰️ This guide will help you plan your perfect Scotland trip - on a budget and without a car. The base of this trip is a loop which you can start in either Glasgow or Edinburgh and which will take you 8 days. Then, at every stop, I'll give you some day trip options so that you can extend your trip depending on what you want to see and how much time you have. If you go for all-day trips this full itinerary will take 17 days. 💷 I'll give you a full breakdown of the cost. The basic loop will require around 210£ for all transport and accommodation. I'll provide you with a spreadsheet that breaks down each cost and each day trip so you can also plan and adjust your trip according to your budget. I'll also share with you accommodation recommendations and a breakdown of all the buses/trains you'd need to take.
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