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"Though not the absolute oldest, Novi trg ranks among the top three oldest squares in Ljubljana, with its origins dating back to the 13th century. Historical records mention it as early as that period. Remnants of the city walls that once encircled Ljubljana can still be seen in the square, offering a tangible connection to the city's medieval past.The square's layout has undergone some changes over the centuries. The devastating 1895 earthquake altered its form, transforming it from an enclosed space bordered by city gates to the open square we see today. Except for Sundays, Novi trg transforms into a lively marketplace. Local vendors showcase fresh produce, flowers, and handcrafted goods, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Several cafes and restaurants line the square, offering a delightful spot to relax, people-watch, and savor a coffee or a meal while soaking up the atmosphere.Throughout the year, Novi trg becomes a stage for various events, from local festivals to cultural celebrations. This adds to the square's dynamic character."
"Novi trg is one of the oldest squares in Ljubljana. It's a long space, running west to east, with buildings (originally wood, now brick) on the north and south sides. The Crusaders first used this area in the 13th century. Medieval Ljubljana, part of the Ljubljana ghetto, and, eventually, beautiful palaces followed. A fountain now stands at the end."

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Ljubljana, Slovenia's captivating capital, enchants visitors with its vibrant energy and fairytale charm. Tucked amidst the foothills of the Julian Alps, this picturesque city offers a unique blend of architectural delights, cultural immersion, and outdoor adventures. Explore charming squares lined with baroque buildings, stroll along the banks of the Ljubljanica River, or venture into the embrace of the surrounding mountains. Ljubljana promises an unforgettable experience for every explorer's heart. I´ve lived in Ljubljana for a couple of months during an ERAMUS+ placement, on the summer of 2019, so I´ll tka einto account what I´ve experienced back then on a daily basis to make sure that you can live Ljubljana the most! This guide includes: - introductory note - places to visit (photo spots, museums and cultural venues,, open squares, beaches and others) - restaurants, coffeeshops and sweets spots - photo spots Get to see more from my travels on my Instagram (@pedralexpereira) and Flickr (
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Emerald rivers. Glacial lakes. Hidden karsts. Historic cities. Snow-capped peaks. Sun-drenched beaches. Undiscovered wine regions. Untouched forests. You don't have to traipse all over Europe. The little country of Slovenia features everything you love about the continent in one place. So it's even been nicknamed Little Europe. Start in the Dragon City. Ljubljana survived Roman, Habsburg, and Yugoslavian rule to become one of the greenest capitals in Europe. Then start exploring hidden caves, medieval towns, scenic drives, and a tiny sliver of coastline. There are adventure sports, award-winning restaurants, grand castles, and stunning views along the way. You'll quickly wonder why it's taken you so long to get here. The Slovenia Guide works as a great circular road trip through Western Slovenia. Start in Ljubljana, drive north toward the Austrian border, head west toward the Italian border, circle through wine country, and end up back in the capital. This detailed guide includes: Places: cities, neighborhoods, towns Stay: hotels, resorts Eat: cafés, ice cream, Michelin stars, pizzerias, restaurants Drink: lounges, wine bars, wineries Shop: antique markets, toy stores Do: bell towers, boat tours, bridges, castles, cathedrals, chapels, churches, city models, fountains, funiculars, hikes, history museums, information centers, islands, lakes, libraries, monuments, mountains, mountain ranges, national parks, parks, puppet museums, rivers, roads, squares, statues, streams, ticket offices, valleys, viewpoints, waterfalls Transportation: airports, parking lots
Adventure • Boutique • Foodie • Outdoors • Road Trip • Wine • Faith • History • Luxury • Relaxation
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