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Palatine Towers

About Palatine Towers

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What people say

"Knokn in Italian as "Porta Palatina", this strong orange stone structure stands close to the Turin Cathedral and is a Roman-age remnant of the city walls that surrunded Julia Augusta Taurinorum back in the day. The gate got its name from the Palatine Palace it was adjacent to, a structure that no longer exists. Porta Principalis Dextra was close to be demolished in the 18th Century during hard urban renovation works in the old town area, but was preserved due to the action of archeologists of the time"
"Late afternoon is the best time to visit when the brickwork emanates a warm glow as the sun's rays drop. It's unmissable. "
"Roman ruins from the wall of Augustus in Parco Archeologico Torri Palatine (partially rebuilt in 1400)"

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