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Tokyo Skytree

About Tokyo Skytree

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What people say

"Soaring to an impressive 2,080 feet, the Tokyo Skytree proudly claims its title as the world's tallest tower (not just a building!). Imagine standing on the broadcast tower's 360-degree observation decks, where the entire city unfolds like a mesmerizing circuit board—striking skyscrapers and neon intersections painting a magical panorama. Even if you opt not to explore the interior, there's no denying that the Tokyo Skytree has elevated the skyline to unparalleled heights. Conveniently accessible by train, this journey to eastern Tokyo promises an unforgettable experience, especially for families with children who delight in speedy elevator rides or anyone captivated by jaw-dropping views. The Tokyo Skytree is more than a landmark; it's a breathtaking spectacle that takes your Tokyo adventure to new heights!"
"The Tokyo SkyTree is one of Tokyo's most iconic attractions. At 634 meters high, it is the tallest transmission tower in Japan and one of the tallest in the world. It offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city, allowing visitors to admire the Tokyo skyline from several observation platforms. Located in the ancient district of Asakusa it is a symbol of modernity and innovation. 👣How to get there: reachable on foot from Ushijima Sanctuary (750m,10min). Metro stop: Oshiage, Asakusa and Hanzomon line. 🎟️Ticket cost: full ticket (both viewing platforms) 2700 yen €16, ticket only one platform 1800yen €11. Free entry for under 6."
"There are two spots on the Tokyo Skytree which allow for epic views of the city, you can choose to pay for just a visit to the TEMBO DECK or you can pay to see both the TEMBO DECK + TEMBO GALLERIA, 1) the TOKYO SKYTREE TEMBO DECK is covered in huge 5-meter-high glass for a 360-degree panoramic view, allowing visitors to see from the base of SKYTREE up to 70 kilometers away in the distance. 2) The TOKYO SKYTREE TEMBO GALLERIA will take you from the "floor 445" to SKYTREE's highest "floor 450" via a glass tube. "

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