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What people say

"🇪🇸 "Dumbo" es un barrio ubicado en el distrito de Brooklyn en la ciudad de Nueva York (NYC). El nombre "Dumbo" es un acrónimo que significa "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass" (Debajo del Paso Elevado del Puente de Manhattan) y se refiere a la ubicación del barrio debajo del puente de Manhattan. Dumbo es conocido por su arquitectura industrial y su rica historia, y en las últimas décadas se ha convertido en un barrio de moda con tiendas, galerías de arte, restaurantes y bares. También es famoso por su vista panorámica del horizonte de Manhattan y sus accesos al río East y el puente de Brooklyn. 🇺🇸 "Dumbo" is a neighborhood located in the Brooklyn borough of New York City (NYC). The name "Dumbo" is an acronym that stands for "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass" and refers to the neighborhood's location beneath the Manhattan Bridge. Dumbo is known for its industrial architecture and rich history, and in recent decades, it has transformed into a trendy neighborhood with shops, art galleries, restaurants, and bars. It is also famous for its panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline and its access to the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge."
"Brooklyn is super up and coming and has a bunch of affordable accommodation options. It's cheaper than staying in Manhattan. There are a bunch of new restaurants that have opened that are hip. Most accommodations have a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge & Manhattan skyline. It's also a great area for families with lots of parks to enjoy. The only downside is that if you want to explore Manhattan, you'll have to travel there, but it only takes about 20-30 minutes by Uber or train!"
"DUMBO, which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is a trendy and vibrant neighborhood located in Brooklyn, New York City. It is known for its historic industrial buildings, cobblestone streets, and stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. Today, it's a hub for creativity and innovation, home to art galleries, tech startups, boutiques, and trendy restaurants. DUMBO also features picturesque parks, such as Brooklyn Bridge Park."

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